Q&AZN: BREADFACE / by Kathleen Tso

Breadface is an anonymous Instagram account founded by the simple love of smashing one's face into bread.

Banana speaks with the nebulous and viral sensation and baked her a banana bread loaf to get the full experience. Watch our bread get smushed on Instagram

28, First Gen Korean American, Writer
I'd like to remain anonymous :)

What's the best moment since starting Bread Face Blog?
The thing that brings the most joy out of all of this has been connecting with strangers from all over the world. Everyone's got Internet balls. They'll email me everything from the bad day they just had to their deepest sexual fantasies. I find it really fucking cool that there are so many people out there just like me that value their privacy, while at the same time just want to connect with people about a very specific thing of their choosing.

It's like when you're dragged to a party that you didn't want to go to so you drink a lot and then you end up talking with someone in a corner all night who's feeling the same way...except on the Internet you feel safer because it's like talking to an ominous black hole.

What are your future plans with the project?
I'm just enjoying the ride as of now! I just want to eat delicious things, meet more nice, genuine creative people, and wear pretty things that these nice genuine creative people make. I'd love to collaborate more, too.

What's your favorite Asian pastry?
Those light, spongy, airy roll cakes with the layers of light cream are divine. They're not even sweet either, it's just a delight for all your senses.

What's your spirit bread? 
Anything with mochi or a mochi-like consistency because it's soft, unexpectedly filling, not too sweet, and not that great for you. I get the chills even thinking about my teeth sinking into its soft flesh.

In Korean, the word sounds just like the texture—"dduk"—and the "d" sound is very hard for non-Korean speakers to nail so...anyways, even the word itself even feels like it's getting stuck to your teeth.

How would you rate the Banana bread we baked you?
Kudos to you guys for giving me a completely new experience! I was pleasantly surprised by how moist the bread was. It kind of suctioned to my face but then it was so soft and crumbly underneath. It smelled warm and nutty. Oh, and it was delicious! It was so good that I ate it with my hands with all that green lipstick all over it. 

Why did you choose this particular song for this video? 
Madonna's Hung Up is the shit! The ABBA sample gets me so hyped up and there hasn't been a night out that I'm not just PRAYING for it to come on while I'm on the dance floor. I think I would honestly just pass out from joy. 

Who is another baesian we should follow on Instagram?
Oof. That's hard because it puts a filter on great follows in general! I'd have to say one of my best friends @_monica. I met her late in life and she just has a quiet calm buzziness about her and it comes through in all her pictures, her stick and poke tattoes she does, and she actually just started making neons to sell and they're so gorgeous. She's the best people.

Anything you want to tell your fans about yourself and this project? 
Some people scoff at the attention breadfaceblog gets but my original intent was just to make someone smile out there that was having a bad day. If it does that, then I'm so happy and grateful for every follow. I love reading everyone's comments and I read every email that comes through. My hope is that it can also be something that gives people the courage to give into their small, harmless indulgences more. Do something every day that'll bring you joy or pleasure no matter how tiny it is!