featured in issue 001:

Post-Period Soup For You And Your BFF
Words: Veronica So
Photos: Kathleen Tso
Mott Street Cycles
Words: Karen Hor
Photos: Rocky Li
Growing Up With Grandma
Words: Christine Zhu
Illustrations: Melissa Ling
Peir Wu
Words: Mic Nguyen
Photos: Trinh Huynh
Sarah Chow
Words: Kathleen Tso
Photos: Trinh Huynh
Artwork: Kristin Wong
Words: Tiffany Tso
Bottle Blondes
Words: Kathleen Tso
Photos: William Yan
Hair: Robin Capili
Producer: Vicki Ho
Becoming A Bottle Blonde
Words: Rachael Wang
Photos: Kathleen Tso
Ramen Re-imagined
Recipes + Photos: Tyna Hoang
Words: Vicki Ho
The Bridge Between East and West
Words: Desmond Zhengs
Photos: Jimmy Jimeno
Southeast Asian Cool Kids
*Originally published in Petri(e) Magazine


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