Cover & Feature: Greg Foley - Banana has enlisted Greg Foley as issue two’s cover artist. As creative director of Visionaire and author-illustrator of children’s books, Thank You Bearthe half Filipino, half White artist was the perfect person to continue Banana's eye-catching and unique covers. Our inside feature, written by Mike Nguyen, takes an exclusive look at Foley’s latest pieces from his ongoing ‘color preference series’.

Chrystie St. - Banana co-founder Kathleen Tso explores Chrystie St. between Grand and Hester Streets in Chinatown, N.Y.; the block she’s called home for the last three years. Photographer and longtime frequenter of the neighborhood, An Rong Xu, supports the feature with an emotional and gritty photo series depicting Tso’s everyday street.

Jade Bangles & Cuban Linx - A look at traditional and nontraditional Chinese jewelry from the perspectives of two different subjects--one, a Chinese woman who immigrated from Taiwan in the 1980’s, and the other, a semi first generation Chinese man engulfed in hip hop culture. Words by Christine Zhu and photos by An Rong Xu.

Kawaii for Men - A first-person narrative by Korean-American rapper Rekstizzy on his acceptance of Kawaii lifestyle for men and why others should embrace it too.  Illustrations complemented by Soeun Lee.

Lynn, MA - Bon Appetit staff photographer, Alex Lau, takes us to Lynn, MA, a small town heavily populated with Cambodians. Lau documents the dichotomy between culture and traditions through his striking photo series.

Mr. Chinatown - Banana profiles Wilson Tang, an entrepreneur, and owner of NYC restaurants Nom Wah and Fung Tu. Tang discusses the next generation of Chinatown, his ambitions and goals, and how his entrepreneurial drive took off. Words by Charlene Wang de Chen and photos by Trinh Huynh.

Ni Hao Ma! - Writer Tiffany Tso’s outlook and PSA on Asian women getting catcalled on the streets with racial slurs. Lighthearted comic strip illustrations by Louie Chin.

Ray Potes - A Q&A and profile on Ray Potes, an LA-based Filipino photographer and founder of bi-annual zine and publishing house, Hamburger Eyes. Photos provided by Potes and words by Kathleen Tso.

Sandy Liang - A profile story on women's fashion designer, Sandy Liang. The native New Yorker talks to Banana about her experiences as a first generation Asian and how traditional values and family influenced her work. Supplemented, is a fashion editorial featuring Liang's AW15 collection. Words by Vicki Ho, Photos by Rebekah Seok, Styling by Beverly Nguyen. Featuring models Gia Seo and Nora Dagva. Hair by Shuhei Kadowaki and Make up by Seiya Iibuchi.

What Are You? - A black and white photo series exploring mixed Asians--physically, culturally, and sociologically--in the creative industry. Words by Joshua Glass and photos by Ryan Kibler. Subjects include Joshua Glass, Chris Colton, Dominic Sondag, Anthony Coleman, Anthony Hull, Ayumi Patterson, Hoshi Ludwig, Laura Baker, Alex Hodor-Lee, Lucille Javier, Miyako Bellizzi, Alison Kuo, Dan and Eliza Blank, Josephine Cruz. Hair by Taichi Seito, Make up by Rika Shimada using MAC Cosmetics, and by MAKE-UP PRO.

XYZ Boyz - A Q&A on Japanese dance crew, XYZ Boyz. Explores the crew adapting Bronx dance style, Litefeet, and the cultural differences between dance in America and in Japan. Photo editorial features the XYZ Boyz in the infamous Freedom Tunnel. Words by Yumi Yamsuan and photos by William Yan.